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Design is a powerful form of non-verbal communication.

It is present in almost every action we do and is a living map of our history, our desires, our needs. It represents an open window that lets you see who we are and what we have to tell as individuals and as a society.

This is the philosophy we want to share with anyone who chooses to rely on our Working Team.


ERRE Design Studio is a place, welcoming and open to listening, in which the exchange and dialogue are real and allow to empathise with the customer to be able to translate into a project his needs.

To respond to the needs of the market in a timely manner, our team is composed of more than 20 designers from different parts of the world who, thanks to high-level skills and knowledge and through a constant dialogue with the customer, are able to offer solutions and perspectives with diverse languages.

With an increasingly global vision but without losing our strong Italian footprint, we make different cultures coexist with each other that enhance our identity and our creative process.


The creative process is a chain of steps and events that happen and that can start from a completely abstract concept or idea or revert to something already existing and then take shape and turn into a tangible object.

The “culture of the Italian project” provides for a strong discipline in programming and communicating each step of this process: Since the Romans, going through the Renaissance and reaching our days, Italy has been the cradle of great geniuses but, above all, a steel guardian of a culture of the project in which these minds find the space and mechanisms to express themselves in total freedom.

Protecting and transmitting this process and enhancing the key figures is the mission that ERRE Design Studio sets itself at the birth of every new collaboration, in order to achieve excellence in the final product.


The final product is not simply an object, it is the result of a process that orders the necessary creative chaos in the phase of ideation and that uses rationality to move from abstract to concrete.

This chain of passages and shares has as its final step a tangible product that for us represents the materialization of what has been shared with the customer since the beginning of the collaboration.

ERRE Design studio, thanks to the direct, in-house support of about 100 designers and engineers, can respond to all your needs. We come to a result that can communicate the full spectrum of process and project values, from the initial idea to the final result, supported by our working tools.


The tools at our disposal range from a sheet of white paper and a pencil, to the use of all available technologies to recreate reality and enable our customers to understand the best ideas we make available.

Digital sketches and 3D modeling with all levels of precision required: from drafting volumes to refined surfaces ready for industrialization. The display of these surfaces can be done and offered in a static or dynamic way, through specific software.

We also offer the possibility to work on UX/UI, with all the configurations of programs and technologies available to evaluate the range of possibilities of implementation. Among the tools in our hands, we also master AI, useful to enhance our creative process.

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