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Concept development

Vehicle Architecture & Occupant Packaging
  • Vehicle Architecture set up
  • Platform evaluation and variant proposals
  • Ergonomics Occupant Packaging scheme
  • Dimensional Summary
Benchmarking & Target Settings
  • Subjective and Objective Benchmark evaluation
  • Vehicle Targets and System Cascading trough comparative analysis , and model-based analysis
Style Hard Points

Integration of Vehicle Occupant Packaging and Platform Systems (taking into account carry over,   modified and new parts / systems) as technical base for   Style Development , from Proportions   investigation to detailed feasibility studies

Style Feasibility – Exteriors & Interiors

Style Feasibility is a convergence process which encompasses the trade off among the followings topics:

  • Style
  • Dimensional Targets
  • Functional Requirements & Performance Targets
  • Technical Assumptions on Carry Over , Modified & New Parts / Systems
  • Markets Homologation Compliance
  • Product Variants and Contents
  • Consumer Ratings & Quality Targets
  • Technology and Manufacturing Guidelines, Standards and Constraints

The Feasibility Process is a iterative and progressive process for which the starting baseline is given by the Style Hard Points

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