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System and software architecture

The development of a system and software architecture pivots around structural choices once implemented very costly to change. These choices determine the system’s essential structure; therefore, they are the most important part of its design. We have specific know-how that is deployed during the whole “V” Cycle of development.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Modern systems are getting more and more “intelligent” and have acquired the capability of self-learning. These abilities, in technical terms, are called “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning”.

The “Artificial Intelligence” term is used when a machine imitates human intelligence within activities such as learning and problem-solving. Machine Learning is composed of a class of algorithms that enable an automatic construction of analytical models, offering to computers the ability to learn without the need for explicit programming by utilizing the algorithms that learn continuously from the data available within the machine.

We are able to design and devolp AI and Machine Learning alogorithm.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a software and hardware structure that enables the interaction of “things” through the impulse of IT-led remote impulses: it enables more complex interactions and services, directly connecting the online action with our physical world, as for the distributed calculations and applications. We actively develop architectures and applications based on the Internet of Things.

Industry 4.0

We support Clients on the path of digitalization, helping them to select the most appropriate solutions for their real needs: from system design to execution, with a strong view of the enabling processes. Starting from the specific interventions, such as hardware and software integration, up to the development of full MES systems (Manufacturing Execution System).

Industry 4.0 leads us to digitalization while keeping people in the center of focus while executing the following steps:

  • Assessment: field researches, objective evaluation, and accurate usability tests needed for pinpointing the processes and behaviors, in order to have the data to design effective solutions.
  • Visual Management: digital systems for the production and sharing of relevant information that virtualize and optimize the “lean booth”.
  • Advanced HMI’s: intuitive interfaces for human-machine interaction.
  • Digital Twin: accurate digital reproductions of machinery, plants, and technological products that enable real-time monitoring, stored data analysis, planning, predictive or remote maintenance.
  • Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality: virtualizations with various levels of interaction, able to simulate even different solutions.

Big Data Management: data analysis and management in order to obtain continuous efficiency.


We develop web applications based on customer business needs. The quality of our web product is guaranteed by mandatory pre-requisites, like usability, accessibility and portability to mantein high performance level.


Our team develop applications for mobile devices. We are expert in delivering moblity services and solutions, linked to “social media” and “data analysis”.
We support our customers to deal with geo-socialmedia, new mobility concept, thanks to locating processing and data analysis.

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