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Geneva Motor Show 2019: top 5 best new technologies

The 89th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show is on show at the Palexpo exhibition and trade centre in Le Grand-Saconnex until 17 March.

This year, large and small car makers seems to prefer presenting concepts about electrification, autonomous driving tech and individual mobility solution, rather than concrete technologies ready

to be launched on the market.

This tendency could find an explanation in the very challenging target of reaching 95 gram of CO2 per Kilometer by 2021, stated in the recent EU emissions rules.

Like every year, ERRE Technology Group took part of this very important exhibition, being proud of admiring the result of their support to many projects and also for scouting the trend of the


From AUDI and FIAT to Seat and Aston Martin, every brand are boosting new technologies, but which are the most innovative?

Here’s our pick of the 5 best new technology:


  1. Centoventi by FIAT – Innovation meets personalization


3D print your interior

This year, fiat amazes us with the new FIAT Centoventi with tree very interesting innovation in matter of personalization.

Regarding the interior, the manufacturer explains that “with the exception of six elements (bumper, polycarbonate roof, livery, Lingotto guide tool, batteries and digital tailgate) that will have to

be installed exclusively at the dealer, the other 114 accessories designed to hoc – among which the sound system, the storage compartments on the dashboard and doors and seat cushions – can

also be purchased online and installed directly by the customer at home“.

Not to mention that gadgets such as cup-holders or a card-holder, can be manufactured by 3D printing directly from the user or at the dealer’s trust.

The patented locking system remember us the Lego system.


Rent or purchase additional battery pack

The battery pack of this innovative car is modular. The manufacturer explains that “the client can purchase the vehicle with a basis battery pack and extend the driving range by purchasing or

renting two additional battery pack, which can be stored in a dedicated compartment under the seat”.

This concept is very interesting because enable the client to purchase the car to a more affordable price and extend the range only when needed. This solution is also environment friendly because

the it help in decreasing the total amount pf battery pack produced. With this solution, the range can be extended from 100Km up to 500Km.


Customize your seats                                                                                                                                                                    

Even the seat of the Fiat Centoventi are modular and highly customizable.

The seats are composed by eco-sustainable materials. The manufacturer explains that

the client can configure each element of the seats, including the possibility to add

some extra anatomic inserts or even to replace it with a dedicated baby seat

or with an extra glove compartment.”

We tried these seats and they seems to be very comfortable too!





  1. Q4 e-tron by AUDI – Solar Sky 

The AUDI Q4 e-tron concept presented in the Geneva motor show 2019 is the evolution of the e-tron presented in mid-2018 and its GT concept in late 2018.

The compact SUV’s large interior will feature a hexagonal steering wheel as well as an angled center console with a touchscreen infotainment system.

The front of the exterior is characterized by an eight-sided grille flanked by a pair of thin headlights.

Strong front shoulders continue to the rear, where thick C-pillars highlight its dynamically slanted back.

Among the many innovation presented, we got impressed by the so called Solar Sky.

The constructor explains that “the blue paint color of this vehicle, called Solar Sky, which reflects a short-wave fraction of sunlight to reduce heat build-up in the car, meaning less energy is

needed to cool the car on hot days”.

This is another positive step in the direction of increasing the efficiency of our vehicles and reducing the emissions.



  1. Kangaroo by GFG STYLE – Variable vehicle height at every speeds                                                                                                                                                   

The GFG STYLE kangaroo is described as an electric hyper-SUV. We got amused by the very innovative suspenson system.

It combines a four-wheel steering system with four-wheel drive and the suspension height is adjustable to three differen levels.

The three differen levels can be manitained till the top speed, enabeling the Kangroo adapring without limits to tracks,

steets and off road paths.

The two-seater car features a carbon fiber body that covers its advanced aluminum space frame,

accelerating from 0 to 62mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of over 155mph.


  1. Minimó by Seat – Fast swapping battery pack


The Minimò is a further step to meet the needs of those who must move in traffic on a daily basis.

The car has two seats (there is also space    for a small suitcase), is 2.5 meters long, 1.24 wide

and occupies an area of ​​about three square meters: enough to park in the spaces reserved for motorcycles.

It has a range of about 100 kilometers, but the battery (consisting of four modules of 2.4 kWh each,

developed with Bosch) can be changed “on the fly” to avoid the recharge waits:

each element is extracted from the bottom and weighs less than 15 kilograms.

In addition, the constructor explains that “when the autonomous technology will sufficiently reliable and developed,

the Minimò will travel continuously through the city, at low speed, to stop where there is demand“.

Using a digital key, the vehicle will also be able to recognize the user, his age and automatically limit certain parameters to respond to the local road code.


  1. Lagonda by Aston Martin – Levitating key.


Following the relaunch of Lagonda as a luxury zero-emission brand at the 2018 show,                                                                                                 

Aston Martin will reveal the Lagonda all-terrain concept in 2019.

it is set to be their first production model, and pairs extraordinary style and space efficiency

with the freedom of their powertrain technologies.

Aston Martin introduced many innovations with this concept but in our opinion

the most curious one is represented by a special housing slot in which the key floats

when it is placed in position, levitating thanks to an electromagnetic field.







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