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Sheet metal design

Turin’s sheet metal tradition, born in the 60’s when the famous sheet metal workers produced some of the most iconic vehicles of all times, reaches this day and it is our duty to support it.
Engineering team supports our customers in the design of structural and aesthetic sheet metal parts, by combining tradition and innovation:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Loading sequence definition
  • Welding point definition
  • Assembly and producibility analysis

Plastic Materials Design

Our long-term competence, acquired in various industrial sectors, enables us to select the best material for each type of application.
Our team supports component design with the most advanced mechanical and technological analysis.
Some Examples of Practical Application Include:

  • Macro-feasibility
  • Design for the production of prototypes
  • Design for series production
  • Design for saddled plastic parts
  • Integration of electronic interfaces

Composite Materials Design

Materials of the future, derived from aerospace, are making their way into the general public’s everyday life.
Our team features high-level professionals that are able to guide Customers within the new scenario of composite materials, characterized by infinite combinations and design possibilities. Our strengths are:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Differentiated design for low and high volumes
  • Production technology definition
  • Mechanical and chemical bonding definition
  • Producibility analysis
  • Drapability analysis
  • Plybook
  • Class A surface modeling
  • Design and production of prototypes

Hybrid Powertrain Design

We face in challenges powertrain systems development, from traditional engines to hybrid variants and full electric applications.
Our Main Activities Comprehend:

  • Integration of electrical components in traditional chassis layouts
  • Battery pack and wiring harness layout
  • Component design & system engineering support

Chassis, Body and Trim Design

The automotive sector revolutionizes vehicle architectures: new platforms must take into account at least one electric drivetrain system. The powertrain electrification, the integration of battery packs, and the study of future architectures are tasks carried out by ERRE GES with professionality, applying to know how to choose and integrate the correct technologies for each application. The traditional architectures, based on sheet metal and aluminum, are integrated together with advanced applications such as composite materials. An important part of our know-how resides in chassis design, starting from feasibility studies, through packaging and master plan definition, followed by the detailed platform design activities. Our team is composed of professionals with multiple levels of experience, capable of supporting Customers from the very first phases of conception all the way up to series production. The best software for three-dimensional modeling and structural calculation supports our engineers in order to guarantee the highest results possible.
Our Expertise Comprehends:

  • Vehicle layout definition
  • Concept development
  • Volumes definition
  • Definition and sizing of the main structures
  • Definition of typical sections
  • Feasibility studies
  • Component engineering, loading order definition, and assembly sequencing
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

Design of Control Units and Wiring Harness Routing

The difficult art of electrical loom design is becoming more and more challenging every day, given the exponential rise in the number of control units, sensors, and cables. The team uses the best software programs on the markers for the design of wiring harnesses, including the virtual routing of the whole system between chassis and trim parts.

Active and Passive Safety Devices Design

The development of active and passive safety devices for vehicles that populate our roads is an extremely important task that ERRE GES faces with high responsibility. Rheological models of materials, design norms, the most advanced modeling techniques, and finite element calculations are tools and know-how at the disposal of our designers. Format conversions, integrations between linear and non-linear models, static and dynamic analysis are just some of the activities that our team carries out in a daily manner.

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